Pregnant Cat Care Tips

We usually advise having all family pet felines purified or neutered, however we additionally wish to help make sure that, if your cat is expectant, she receives the best care. If you believe your cat is expecting, below are some tips to look after her.

How to Tell if Your Cat is Pregnant

If you’re uncertain if your unspayed pet cat is pregnant, there are a variety of points that may indicate that kittycats get on the method.

Physical changes:  A pregnant cat can struggle with spells of “early morning health issues,” as well as will likewise generally consume more as the maternity advances. Furthermore, your feline’s belly will certainly be significantly bigger after around five weeks, and also it will certainly continue to swell till she gives birth. Furthermore, her nipples might show up inflamed and/or handle a darker, red color.

Behavioral changes:You might discover that your previously caring, pleasant pet cat will certainly go into hiding, or an otherwise apathetic pet cat has instantly ended up being a snuggle insect– both of these kinds of changes in actions are normal for expecting felines.

What to Feed Your Pregnant Cat

If you discover indications that your pet cat might be expectant as well as it has actually been validated by your veterinarian, you will need to discuss dietary demands for your pregnant pet cat. Now that your pet cat is eating for 2 (or three, or four, or 5 …) she will need added nutrients– and also more of them!

Your veterinary group may advise changing your cat back to kitten food, which will offer nutritional benefits to her kitties, also. Your cat will certainly need more calories to maintain her kitties, so the basic strategy may be to enhance the amount of food you feed her as your pregnant cat nears her term. However, there will certainly additionally be much less space in her belly as the kitties grow, so feed her smaller sized amounts yet regularly throughout the day.

Consuming great deals of water is necessary for keeping your expectant cat moisturized, so you might wish to maintain a couple of various water bowls around your home in areas that are very easy for her to get to. If your feline has pre-existing health and wellness demands, or a delicate belly, always check with your vet before making any type of modifications to her food and/or feeding regular.

Taking Care of Your Pregnant Cat

Throughout her maternity, you will certainly want to keep your pet cat fairly active in order to ensure she is fit for delivering. Prevent any exceedingly wild activity towards completion of your feline’s maternity, nevertheless. You will need to aid her remain calmness as she nears her due date, as anything too active can create her tension. Throughout the maternity be sure to take note of her cravings as well as her convenience degree. If your feline dislikes her food or is noticeably distressed or upset, it can indicate a trouble with her pregnancy.

Preparing for Your Cat to Give Birth

Quickly before her due day, offer your cat with a box or “nest” where she can deliver and take care of her newborn kittens. Ensure that this birthing box is large enough for your pet cat and also her litter to be comfortable in, but likewise tall sufficient to avoid any interested kittens from making a getaway! Maintain the nest in a warm area and line it with soft coverings or towels (that you will not mind discarding). Search for an acquainted location to put package that is quiet as well as off the beaten track, as well as reveal your pet cat where the box is situated.

Regular Veterinary Checkups for Pregnant Cats


Your veterinary group will help you recognize the very best timetable for check-ups throughout your cat’s maternity. Additionally, you’ll be able to plan together for the big day. You will certainly require to understand what is “regular” for at-home shipment, and also you will wish to be ready to securely move your pet cat to the workce if requirement be throughout labor. It’s likewise essential to have the name, place, as well as phone number of the closest pet emergency situation facility in case there are problems outside of routine vet company hrs.

What to Do When Your Cat Goes into Labor

Your pet cat is tamed, so she might not have every one of the impulses of a “wild” cat; nonetheless, the majority of pet cats need no treatment whatsoever while delivering. As a matter of fact, your pet cat might intentionally seek out solitude when she goes into labor. A lot of pet cats would prefer to be laid off, and also they most definitely don’t intend to be pet or touched while they are delivering. It’s best to offer your expectant feline as much personal privacy as possible while likewise leaving on your own the ability to keep an eye on the birthing process for any signs of issues or distress.

Do not be stunned if your cat chooses to deliver in a location apart from the “nest” you have prepared for mother as well as her kittycats. If this occurs, do not hesitate to move the kittens to the box you prepared after they are birthed. It’s completely great to get and also handle newborn kitties; very carefully touching them will not create your feline to abandon her kittens or injure them.

What to Do After Your Cat Gives Birth

After your cat has actually provided her kitties, you ought to take both mommy and also her kittens to the vet for a post-natal checkup within 24-48 hours. If your feline had an accidental maternity, the post-natal appointment is a great time to go over having your feline purified to stop anymore surprise trashes.

If you have any other inquiries regarding maternity look after pet cats, please don’t think twice to connect to us!

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